Kickstarting the creative flow, taking part in Janis 3 week online course

Now Ive completed the 3 weeks  I thought that I would share how it went.

As the exercise for me was linked to freeing up the imagination and challenging  myself I decided to go with the flow.

Over the 3 weeks the tasks focused on doodling every day . Freeing up and recognizing the  things the get in the way and learning to overcome them. Challenging yourself and putting yourself into different situations by going of on a physical journey, in a way that you wouldn’t normally do and keeping a journal.

Over the first week I decided to carry a small drawing pad with me to doodle on where ever I was.This was great fun but I must say hard to keep up the impetus.

In week 2 we were set the task to go out on a physical journey . again an interesting one to take us out of our comfort zone . I rarely sketch outside , also I decided to use a pen and so having to commit to using very light lines and darker ones to reinforce.

In week 3 we were asked to keep a journal and this is where I had problems,  I am involved in so many creative practices that I found it difficult to find a way to record what I was doing. The thing to consider is whether or not to set up to different journals or try to manage with a folder with inserts or a mixture of both,  I am not sure which one i will go for .. Ive decided to sign up for Janis follow on course which is  a 30 day journaling exercise maybe by the end of it Ill have decided which I prefer.