Hare willow sculptures

There is something quite magical about a hare I think that is is because we often dont see them and when we do it is often unexpected

On this page is collection of my fat bottomed hares each of which have their own characters, each time a I create one it is unique. To see them with more detail follow the image link

The first two  sculptures have been created using  a variety of colours

The medium  sculptures are made from the one colour and can be made sitting or gazing

I am happy to create different types and in different poses including running and leaping etc which  will vary is cost depending on  see more details about each of the hares please click on the picture links If you wish to find out more

Moon gazing hare

willow hare sculpture sitting on pavement in front of wooden door weeds growing through cracked pavement, door has dark green mottled paint

Willow hare sculpture out for a walk by Jacqueline Rolls

willow hare sculpure sitting on grass slope next to dafododil

Medium fat bottomed  hare

Small hare