swan willow sculpture on base

Willow bird sculptures

 Here are a few of my willow bird sculptures

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the artwork s please follow the link to my willow and crafts website 

A selection of my work

Puffin willow sculpture cream and brown with metal orange feet

This cute willow puffin has glass eyes that I hand painted along with his legs and feet that I created from stainless steel and aluminium it is available to purchase

willow owl sculpture on stand The  owl was my first foray into creating a bird with metal feet,

He was purchased by a private collector he kept on walking past him in a gallery and couldn’t resist buying him

Picture or two willow penguins standing next to each other

Penguins are such interesting creatures so I decided to create two

willow swan sculpture sitting down

We are so familiar with our beautiful wild swans this gorgeous swan is sitting down and can happily stay outside all year round. The sculpture is available to purchase

low curlew sculpture standing by a pind

This curlew sculpture was created as a commission and now lives on a fruit farm in Kent

photo of Willow goose sculpture standing on a wooden plinth by Jacqueline Rolls

This Goose sculpture is still looking for a new home 

This domestic goose went out for a walk one day and is now living with his new family who decided to give him a new identity as the doubtful guest,

if your interested in seeing him in his new guise click on the image.

willow sculpture heron / egret looking into pond

This willow egret heron looks so elegant in a garden and is

great for scaring away other birds,

It is available to purchase

Duck willow sculpture, brown willow duck sitting on the ground

Willow ducks This willow duck is available to purchase