Details about my willow sculptures

As I am often busy with my own experimentations or working on projects I have a few ready made items that are available to purchase other than these  I create new work to order.

Each work has its own own uniqueness so if you wish me to create two similar items they will need to be made at the same time.

I use a range of different willow all of which are grown in the U.K . Willow with its bark on which  referred to as  brown willow  irrespective of its color are suitable for any location indoors or outside .

I also use striped willow which comes in beige, white and brightly dyed colors and steamed willow still has its bark and is a dark chocolate brown color.

Items that are made from or include stripped willows can  go outside but are best brought inside/ placed under cover  in harsh weather as they will not last for quite as long. The density of the weave of any item make a difference to how long it will last outside and sculptures that are densely woven and / or have a metal/ wooden skeleton will last for much longer than a sculpture that has a loose open weave. Consequently it is always good idea It is best to treat any sculpture that you wish to keep outside.

I provide after care details explaining how to look after the item,  I do not pre treat items as some people prefer to leave them untreated but I am happy to treat any orders  on request.

Courier and delivery cost will be charged in addition to the price,  I  am also prepared to deliver the larger items within 1 hrs drive of Southampton Airport, Hampshire UK.If you prefer you can collect the items from my home.

Large bespoke/ site specific items tend to be created in sections and completed on site or created in situ as required.

Ready made items, items that I create to order can be purchased via papal  bank transfer or via my sister  website shop,

For bespoke items please contact me to discuss in more detail

I am also passionate about sharing my love of working with willow with others and so I offer a variety of willow sculpture workshops at various venues or as a private workshop,  to find out more  about these activities please  visit my sister website