Willow sculpture price guide

I am often asked to create a unique willow sculpture I am happy to discuss this with you.

Most of my traditional sculptures are now created to order

 Price guide for work created to order

The fee for creating a sculpture is based on the materials that I use and the time that it takes to make it . with this kin mind here is a basic guide

Animal heads

  • Stag heads £180 – £300 depending on size and level of complexity
  • Unicorn head £250 – £300
  • Large dragon head £300 -£400

Other heads  created to order will be charged at a similar rate

Wildlife and farm animals

  • Pigs- boars £160 – £300   depending on size and detail
  • Small piglets average £180
  • Birds  such as chickens, ducks, gees swans, pheasants , puffins, owls, eagles £120 – £300  depending on complexity and materials used
  • Hares – fat bottomed £140  – £250 depending on size and level of complexity
  • Bees and insects £65- £200 small – medium
  • Other animals squirrels -pine martin, otters  depending on size and detail £150 – £300
  • Foxes -deer -£250 -£450 depending on size and detail

Figures – small sculptures tend to start at £300  and  will increase in price depending on its size, materials used and time needed to create it

Natural forms, spheres mushrooms small to medium- abstract shapes etc start  at under £100 -£200 depending on size and detail

Commissions and bespoke work , public art and private venues

I am happy to discuss options for  bespoke art work and will work with you to create a design, including detailed and large art work for public and private  spaces ,  Large artworks are likely to need steel/ wood  frames and other materials.