Demonstrating at a art fair willow sculptor

I love the challenge of creating in different ways and so alongside creating my experimental ephemeral work  I also have a more commercial side to my work which relates to creating sculptures from willow, I create a varied range  of items that  range from the conventional to the more abstract 

  I endeavor to create work that is individual and unique. I exhibit and sell work at art shows as well as directly to clients and  I am often asked to create bespoke artwork as a commission

I enjoy meeting people and sharing my passion for creating with those that I meet  it is always a delight when someone falls in love with one of my creations and wants to give it a new home

I have categorized the sculptures into different sections  The images below serve as links to various pages addition  to creating my own work I also offer various workshops and experiences for further details visit my sister website Willow and Crafts 

puffin willow sculpture

Willow bird sculptures


willow pig viewed from front

Willow animal sculptures

Willow fantasy sculptures

chestnut willow sculpture by Jacqueline Rolls

Public Art willow sculptures

willow mushroom sculptures

Willow sculpture natural forms