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Working on a community mural

Over the last six  weeks I have been working on a community mural project in Eastleigh Hampshire with the theme of the four seasons.

Working on a commission is always an interesting process the difference being that , in the case of a community project you have both the commissioner and the local community to work with which as you can imagine is a much more complicated task.

As with all such projects when you are creating a piece of work for a group of people  the  artist is challenged to create a design that is acceptable and  also that can  be created by other participants with the artist directing and facilitating the creative process. The balance is to keep the design  simple but also convey the desired theme.

I have to say that some parts are more my preference than others mainly because of the colors uses, I particularly enjoyed creating the line work for the trees and the summer meadow scene some of which has already inspired me to create further work of my own.The temptation to add more detail was great  however I feel that the simplicity of the design works well and the clients were very happy with the final works.

Each panel is made up of four sections with each whole panel  measuring 2.44 meters  in width by 1.5 meters in depth sections measuring

For further details including the panels being created visit www. jaxsarts.co.uk