Lady1 smallI rarely sketch portraits but every now and again a subject engages me. Sometime ago I discovered some photographs of people living on the streets. The faces just had a story to tell and inspired me to start creating . Here is the first of what will probably be many.



As with all creations it can sometimes be difficult to complete a artwork especially when challenging yourself this happens to us all, for me creating my urban paint and pen creations  can be the most difficult of challenges. It is often easy to start but harder to finish and is very much the case when I am pushing myself in a new direction as in the case of using a new colour scheme. Back in December 2014 I started a new colour-full work, my stumbling block came when I was half way through the piece, so I put it away, sometimes its about a emotional space  as much as a physical one and this is reflected in my art work. I am sure that this must say something about my psyche as I have now completed Fred and am now happily creating in colour again.




Ive been busy again creating new individual works inspired by line work series, smaller and more compact these new art works have been fun to create.

Dancer 1 small


mother one


Good news , I now have a new art studio in Southampton.

I have been creating my artwork in my spare bedroom for sometime now, the dilemma is that often I am unable to leave my work out as I am either preparing for a workshop or visitors are on their way.

Over the last few years I have been looking for a space where I can create work and also have space for other creative work linked to my workshop business. and also be part of a creative group, so a pretty tall order.

Well back in April I finally found somewhere  suitable which combined the two and also is contained within a space with other artists. I have been gradually moving in , obtaining furniture, getting to know the other creatives  I have offered a space. I can highly recommend having a space where you go to create a space away from the everyday distractions of family, friends and other work.