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Fantasy bird selected for St Barbes Museum and Gallery

Fantasy bird

Its always interesting decison to submit one of my art works  an art competion once it is out their it is almost in the lap of the gods so to speak, so I was very pleased to discover that my fantasy bird has been accepted for the St Barbe Museum and Gallery, Lymington  open art exhibition this year.

I  hadnt applied before as I didnt think that my work would be of interest and so this time several freinds encouraged me to enter and so I was suprised that one of them contacted me to congratuate me for being selected.

I am now looking forward to visiting the exhibition which is open from the 11th May to the 12th of June


Willow poppy sculpture unveiled at the Army Flying Museum

willow poppy sculpture at army flying museum exhibition

I am so proud to have been invited to be part of this exhibition at the Army Flying Museum near Stockbridge in Hampshire.
Just to give you a sense of scale my willow poppy and metal sculptures are 1 meter in width, which shows you how many knitted medals, poppies there are alongside it.

Such a colossal effort from the museum to have so many contributions to an amazing project. I can’t wait to visit and see the exhibition in the flesh when they reopen.

willow poppy sculpture at army flying museum exhibition