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About Binkers

Jacqueline is a self-taught artist residing near Southampton, Hampshire England. She works with a variety of different mediums which include paint, mixed media, digital photography and willow The inspiration for her work stems from a fascination with pattern and texture and the world of nature combined with the desire to tell a story to leave the viewer wondering if there is something more to tell. She loves travelling and meeting new people and works at a studio at her home as well as a shared artist studio as part of the Keepers Artist Collective studio located in East Street Southampton along with other creative types

A busy time ahead summer 2022

With the end of my residency, I am now entering a busy time with my other artwork creating sculptures and teaching, being a full-time artist this work as well as being my commercial arm to my work and provides me a much-needed income.

I have lots going on including taking part in Hampshire Open Studios at  the end of August details of my current exhibitions can be found on my exhibitions and events page

In the autumn I am planning to spend time working on new projects more details will follow

Information relating to willow sculpture activities and events can be found on my sister website  Willow and Crafts

St Barbes Museum

Im pleased to share that once again one of  artwork has been selected as a exhibit at St Barbe Museum and Art Gallery Open art exhibition once again this year which is open from the 30th April to the 4th June


Grant award Arts Council England

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded a Developing your Creative Practice grant from Arts Council England.

My project ‘Investigating new ways of creating with natural and recycled materials in a historical environment’ will enable me to take time out from my normal work to focus on experimenting and challenging myself as an artist.

I am grateful to Arts Council England for supporting me to do this. I also wish to say thank you to ‘a space’ arts @aspacearts, Southampton City Council @SotonCC and Tudor House and Garden @tudorhouseandgarden for providing support and encouragement to follow my dreams.


Phil Gibby, Area Director, Arts Council England, South West, said:

“We’re delighted to support Jacqueline Rolls through our Developing Your Creative Practice funding programme, thanks to National Lottery players.

This investment will give Jacqueline time to focus on her creative development as a willow sculpture artist, to experiment, and to take creative risks.

At the Arts Council we believe that creativity fulfils us as individuals and helps us to better understand the world, which is why we’re so pleased to back Jaqueline in developing her creative potential.”


A summer of art shows 2021

It is a real pleasure to be able to spend time over the summer showing some of my creations at different art exhibitions .

The Hampshire Open Art Studios is a special time for artist in Hampshire, taking place in the last two weeks of August it is a time when so many artist come out to play and I am delighted that I will be joining two shows this year,

Once again I am returning to the Southern Nature Art Show which is moving to a new premises at Cams Hill School in Portchester near Fareham

I am aso  joining with artist at Great Abshot Barn located on the edge of Titchfield Common it is such a a interesting venue and gardens to visit and I am so pleased to have been invited to join them,  for more details on this and my other shows that are being planned for the autumn keep an eye on the exhibitions page or follow my Facebook page where I will be posting regular updates

Fantasy bird selected for St Barbes Museum and Gallery

Fantasy bird

Its always interesting decison to submit one of my art works  an art competion once it is out their it is almost in the lap of the gods so to speak, so I was very pleased to discover that my fantasy bird has been accepted for the St Barbe Museum and Gallery, Lymington  open art exhibition this year.

I  hadnt applied before as I didnt think that my work would be of interest and so this time several freinds encouraged me to enter and so I was suprised that one of them contacted me to congratuate me for being selected.

I am now looking forward to visiting the exhibition which is open from the 11th May to the 12th of June

Working with new art gallerys


I am really pleased to be able to share that some of my work is now being sold via two Hampshire Art Gallery’s.
The Wild Art Gallery in Wickham near Fareham owned by the amazing wildlife artist Sarah Featherstone and

 Gallery 7 located at 7,The Mall, Burley located in the heart of the New Forest owned by the well known landscape artist Paul Dolman.
I am also pleased that several of my paintings and sculptures are currently out on show in a private creative works space in Southampton, its great that people get to see and enjoy my work in a unusual space .

Shine at the Yellow Edge Gallery

Several of my willow sculptures and paintings are on show at the Shine exhibition which opened during the first week of November,  the exhibition has not gone online for the rest of the month.  They are planning to reopen again in December as soon as it is safe to do so and will stay open until the 20th of December


Address- Stoke Road Gosport, Hants

Willow poppy sculpture unveiled at the Army Flying Museum

willow poppy sculpture at army flying museum exhibition

I am so proud to have been invited to be part of this exhibition at the Army Flying Museum near Stockbridge in Hampshire.
Just to give you a sense of scale my willow poppy and metal sculptures are 1 meter in width, which shows you how many knitted medals, poppies there are alongside it.

Such a colossal effort from the museum to have so many contributions to an amazing project. I can’t wait to visit and see the exhibition in the flesh when they reopen.

willow poppy sculpture at army flying museum exhibition

Opening my new shop

I love meeting people and I would normally be very busy at the moment attending art exhibitions and shows.

Alongside many other artist and creative, I have been exploring new ways to connect with people I am needing to adapt to how to do things. I have already taken part in an online exhibition which was fun and I have launched an online shop.

I am also going to be exhibiting some of my work at the Yellow Edge Gallery in Gosport who is running a view through the window exhibitions and hopes to be able to open for appointments only in the next few weeks

For more details about the shop please follow the link at the top of the page.



Nick came to photograph me working today

Artist Jacqui Rolls working at Furzey Gardens Photographer Nick Carter

Artist Jacqui Rolls working at Furzey Gardens Photographer Nick Carter

One of the things that I asked for as part of the talent development grant was to pay for a photographer to record me working, Nick Carter lives in the forest and is a great photographer it has been really interesting seeing myself through his eyes.

Artist Jacqui Rolls working at Furzey Gardens Photographer Nick Carter

Artist Jacqui Rolls working at Furzey Gardens Photographer Nick Carter

Salvaging my work the creature emerges

I’ve rearly enjoyed creating my creature at Furzey over the last month, he’s gradually come to life

When iI first started creating I imagined a pod or nest hidden amongst the trees, created from a variety of materials that I could find, trimmings left from the gardeners

During the stormy weather in  January the tree split and I arrived to find most of it gone, it was quite disappointing but the gardeners had done what they could to save it so  I decided to carry on.

I was really aware that we needed to put signage up so that visitors would know not to touch it.

Artist Jacqui Rolls working at Furzey Gardens Photographer Nick Carter




Artist Jacqui Rolls working at Furzey Gardens Photographer Nick Carter

Doing something differently

The plants are dying back, now and  the majority of the autumn leaves are gone and now, the skeletal forms  the starkness and much of the hidden beauty are starting to reveal themself,

It was  such a clear day the colours were  so pure the nights have really drawn in now  and so time is precious

Weaving in the raw

8th November

I had an interesting day overwhelming in many ways, it’s hard to know where to start from there is no much visual stimulus the colours are amazing s.

The head gardener has shown me some willow, there is a limited resource and I’m loath  to use too much but I need to start somewhere, and allow myself to just play and experiment”

I tend to work with dried willow as it shrinks so much so working with live willow brings its own challenges, it doesn’t hold its self so well together,

I decided to leave the leaves on for now and I’m just enjoying playing with shape and form there’s something really engaging about working with raw materials . as they’re even less predictable but that’s part of the challenge.

I thought that id make a little video I’m new to doing this but thought that it would be interesting to show you what I’ve been doing as photos don’t really capture it


Weaving in the raw day 2

I came back to start work all fresh today and found that my work was all over the floor it was firmly fixed and so the only thing that I can think is that a child played with it and accidentally pulled the work down.

It was very frustrating but after all, Furzey is a garden with visitors of all ages, this experience highlighted that I  need to get a sign made asap to let visitors know that the things that I am creating work in the gardens.  I think that the shape now looks quite a cocoon-like,  but without a sign, there was no point in me rebuilding so I moved it into a safe area so that I could work on it again later.

The autumnal leaves are so beautiful and inspired me to create a new piece of work, as I started making a shape emerged and encourage me to create something that might bring a  smile to visitors faces.  It is not likely to last that long as wind, rain and overly zealous gardeners cutting the grass will all be a factor as to how long it is there but that is part of the joy of creating ephemeral art it doesn’t last very long pic of leaf lizard ephemeral art work created with red leaves Jacqueline Rolls