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Creating my first commisioned seascape

Posted on January 29, 2012 in sister website

I was recently contacted by a gentleman who runs an osteopath practice in Southsea Portsmouth who asked me of I would be interested in creating  two   paintings to hang in his reception

As I am usually interested in challenge, I thought what have I got to loose and as I normally only create art work that I am interested in this would stretch my abilities once more  … So I agreed to meet him.

When we met  he said that he would like me to create a couple of paintings that would remind him of two beaches in Cornwall that he loved visiting as a child.

as this was a new experience for me especially as I don’t usually create seascapes  I thought that I would like to share the experience with others so…….

Ist pic waves

I usually use my own photographs  I am very aware of the issues relating the copyright and the fact that it is only ok to use an other artist work as an inspiration  but that it is never right to produce work that could be seen as copy of the original .


Creating my first commissioned painting step 2

Second wave pic

My first draft of the painting has lots of physical texture in it as well as visual

I decided that although it  needed more depth of color.

The second draft now has more color depth and detail as I have added flecks of green into the darker sections.  I really enjoyed the challenge of building up the different layers of color and depth which are revealed when it is viewed from  different angles.

The final version can be found in my painting section.




Creating my jungle dreams

I love the idea of using a conventional image using my imagination to add a little something more , starting with a photograph that I took on a sunny day in my back garden. In this case I found myself including a mysterious character in the background. This can be seen further in my follow on line work design

Jungle dreams