Willow sculptures created for public art

 I relish the opportunity to create new work with a purpose for a bespoke commission or a project as I am always interested in the challenge of creating something new however I do not have a l large store work so I can only make work such as this to order 

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the artwork simply click on the photograph for further detail

A selection of my work

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chestnut willow sculpture by Jacqueline Rolls

The chestnut sculpture was created as a response to the Four Seasons open exhibition at Southampton Art Gallery 2018 It is made from a variety of willows. The work is available to purchase please contact me for further details.

Poppy willow sculpture made for remembrance at army flying museum

The very large willow poppy was created as a commission for the Army Flying Museum for Remembrance Sunday 2020

I also created a large round medal which has a large ribbon it has now been stored away safety until the next time that they have an event so I am waiting to take a photo of it completed as I couldn’t go there during the lockdown.

Both sculptures were created with metal back plates to enable them to stand or be hung on a wall they both measured approx. 1 metre in width